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Why Companies Choose to Partner with CADmore

Uncover the advantages of a CADmore partnership in digital manufacturing. Read about success stories, effective partnership strategies, and our commitment to innovation and industry growth.

As a leader in digital manufacturing, CADmore specializes in 3D design services, addressing a wide array of industry requirements. Our partnership offers manufacturing companies multiple advantages including access to high-quality 3D designs, improved process efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction. This collaboration, free of financial commitment, presents an efficient digital process, reduced production lead times, and integrated branding opportunities for our partners. Success stories, including our collaboration with Shapeways and methods to leverage this relationship, highlight the value of partnering with CADmore.

Why Companies Choose to Partner with CADmore

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Companies often find themselves overwhelmed with work, yet they miss out on potential customers who either lack a 3D file or need one optimized for their specific manufacturing process. It's not feasible for these companies to allocate their limited engineering resources to create or optimize these files, especially considering the extensive amount of work involved. These resources are better spent on quoting or servicing current customers.

CADmore offers a dedicated platform where these leads, who may initially be unvetted or unqualified, can be transformed into customers ready for manufacturing. This not only opens up new business opportunities for our partners but also ensures that their in-house resources are optimally utilized.

This partnership is designed to empower your customers with the necessary tools and knowledge to have their parts produced, boosting their manufacturing process's efficiency and success rate. Our digital process, known for delivering optimized designs quickly, shortens the duration from concept to production. Our partnership does not require any financial commitment from our partners, offering substantial benefits without incurring costs. Finally, our platform is tailored to handle the entire design process while ensuring our partners' brands are prominently featured, maintaining customer loyalty and brand recognition.

Our approach goes beyond enhancing manufacturing capabilities; it extends to expanding your market reach. By joining forces with CADmore, companies gain access to an extensive team of design professionals and innovative technologies, guaranteeing top-tier solutions for their customers.



The Shapeways Partnership: A Testament to Collaboration

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After nearly half a decade, our partnership with Shapeways stands as a testament to the potential of collaborative efforts in advancing additive manufacturing. This alliance has successfully completed an extensive range of projects, from simple designs to sophisticated mechanical components. More than just a pooling of resources, this collaboration represents a fusion of strengths to redefine the capabilities of design and manufacturing. With over 15,000 project submissions across diverse industries such as medical and aerospace, our partnership with Shapeways underscores our adaptability and expertise.

“There’s a lot that comes into play for actually designing something and bringing your concept into real form. That’s why there has been such a huge, and positive, impact in partnering with CADmore, especially due to the massive scope needed for 3D design.” -Steve Weart, Director of Customer Success at Shapeways

Maximizing the Benefits of a CADmore Partnership

Protolabs CADmore PageTo leverage our partnership effectively, companies adopt various strategies. By adding a clear call-to-action like "Need Design Help?" on their Quote or Upload File Pages, linked directly to their white-labled CADmore Partner page, they can efficiently direct customers in need of design assistance.

Additionally, incorporating information about our partnership in new customer welcome emails and newsletters, as seen with Craftcloud and GKN Additive, ensures continuous promotion of the benefits and availability of our services.

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Ultimately, a dedicated CADmore Partnership or Design Capability page on our partner's websites, similar to the implementations by CraftCloud, Shapeways, and Protolabs, significantly increases the visibility and accessibility of our services. This page should effectively communicate the advantages of our partnership, detailing how customers can benefit from CADmore’s expertise for their design requirements. Featuring the CADmore partnership in marketing materials can successfully inform potential customers about this value-added service, stimulating interest and guiding them towards our website for more comprehensive information on the partnership.

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Businesses interested in exploring partnership opportunities with CADmore are encouraged to reach out through the contact form on our website, embarking on a journey toward advanced design solutions and collaborative growth.

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