Crafting Exceptional Designs with Precision and Efficiency

CADmore provides professional guidance to clients in creating high-quality 3D files for manufacturing, using a proven process. Our goal is to simplify and accelerate the design-to-production process by offering a complete solution for on-demand digital manufacturing, leveraging our broad network of CADmore partners.

We design for various manufacturing techniques, such as CNC machining, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, and 3D printing (additive manufacturing), which offer limitless possibilities. Contact us today to experience the CADmore difference.

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Turn Ideas into 3D CAD Files

Bring your ideas to life with our expert design team, who can help you transform a simple napkin sketch into a manufacturable 3D CAD file.

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Optimize and Repair Your CAD Files

Ensure your existing CAD files are production-ready with our professional assistance, no matter how complex the design issue.

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Convert 2D Drawings to 3D Files

Upgrade your legacy or spare parts catalogs by turning 2D drawings or other formats into 3D files with our expert guidance.

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Visualizations and Animations

Enhance your presentations with photorealistic renderings, simulations, and animations produced by our skilled team.

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Guidance and Production Support

From navigating the manufacturing process to producing parts in-house, we've got your back.


Streamlined CAD Design and Production Process

Experience a seamless journey from idea submission to final CAD file delivery with our efficient 6-step process. Our expert design team collaborates with you through every stage, ensuring timely communication and high-quality results. With built-in quality assurance and revisions, we guarantee your project meets and exceeds expectation

Provide Detailed Information

 Share all the details with us, either directly or through our partners. The more we know, the quicker we can get you a quote. Check out our guide for what to include.

Design Team Review

Our design team will review your reference files and may reach out to clarify details or ask questions.

Formal Quote Provided

Based on the scope of work, we will provide a quote for your approval. This quote is based on an estimate of the complexity, an estimate of the number of revisions required, and the modeling processes needed.

CAD File Creation

After you approve the quote and complete the payment, our team will begin creating the 3D files, typically within 2-5 business days.

Quality Assurance & Revisions

We conduct a thorough quality check and provide revision opportunities to align with your project's scope as outlined in the initial description. You can review the files using the built-in 3D viewer inside our customer portal.

Ready for Production

Once the design is finalized, you'll receive the final files for production. You'll always have access to these files via our portal, allowing for any future modifications!


Design Consultation

Our design consultation meetings are designed to help you review your project details, refine your request, and get expert advice from a dedicated project manager. Select a project manager based on your availability! They will guide you through the process and ensure your project’s success.


Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions!

What Details are Essential for a Quote?

To create a precise quote, we need comprehensive project details. This includes reference images, specific measurements, and a clear understanding of your project's goals. Details like style, materials, and dimensions are crucial. Providing multi-angle views, integration details, and contextual references in your sketches helps us grasp every aspect of your design.

How is a Quote Determined?

Our quotes are tailored to each project. We evaluate the design's complexity, which dictates the team expertise required and the project duration. The level of detail you provide impacts the number of revisions we anticipate. More information typically means fewer revisions, influencing the quote.

What Will I Receive at the End?

Our final deliverables are based on your specific manufacturing needs. Commonly, we provide STL files for 3D printing and STEP and PDFs for injection molding. Each project's requirements may vary, so we encourage discussing deliverable specifics with your project manager.

Can I Get Manufacturing Costs Upfront?

Manufacturing cost estimates require a completed 3D model, which is only available at the end of a project. While we can provide ballpark figures based on team opinions, these are only rough estimates and may differ from the final manufacturing costs.

Is CADmore Part of Another Company?

CADmore operates independently, though we have strong partnerships with various manufacturers. We focus exclusively on design and engineering, delivering 3D files for manufacturing. We are not a subsidiary of any manufacturer, ensuring unbiased and dedicated design services.

Can You Scan a Part?

We offer part scanning services. However, this method may not always be the most suitable for your project. If you prefer scanning, please specify this in your project description.

Is Advance Payment Necessary?

Advance payment is required as it covers the time and resources spent on your project. By paying upfront, you secure all intellectual property and outcomes from the project.

Ready to transform your ideas into reality? Get started with our expert CAD design services today!