Short and Medium-Range Scanning Solutions at CADmore

At CADmore, we offer state-of-the-art short-range scanning services that capture high-resolution details of small to medium-sized objects. Our technology is perfect for engineering, product design, and quality control applications, delivering precise and reliable 3D digital representations.

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Digitally preserved an obsolete part no longer in production, enabling its revival through 3D printing.


Collaborated with an orthodontist to transform a handmade cheek and tongue retractor prototype into manufacturable files for medical-grade plastic production.


Modernized a legacy vent system by converting old technical drawings into 3D models for efficient, up-to-date manufacturing.


Scanning of a detailed male figure that was previously cast so it could be made in perfect accuracy with 3D printing.


Here’s all the good stuff

Precision Metrology

High Precision

Our scans capture intricate details with accuracy up to 0.02 mm. This level of precision is crucial for applications requiring exact measurements.

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Fast Turnaround

We are committed to delivering detailed scans within 24 hours. Our rapid processing helps clients meet tight project deadlines.

Asset Documentation

Customizable Outputs

We provide data in a variety of file formats, including STL, STEP, and more. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into existing workflows.

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Advanced Technology

We utilize the latest scanning equipment and software to ensure the highest quality results. Our technology is regularly updated to maintain industry-leading standards.


Industry-Specific Short and Medium-Range Scanning Applications and Benefits

Short-range scanning is a versatile tool that serves a broad spectrum of industries, each with unique challenges and precision requirements. Our services enable businesses to achieve unmatched detail and accuracy in their projects, whether it’s for product development, quality assurance, or historical preservation. 



Ensure components fit perfectly prior to production. Our precise scans help in the accurate assembly of complex machinery.



Assist in the miniaturization and integration of complex electronic assemblies. Accurate scans are crucial for compact and efficient designs.



Our services aid in parts inspection and reverse engineering of complex geometries. This helps manufacturers reduce errors and optimize production processes.

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Jewelry Design

Capture detailed designs for custom jewelry manufacturing. Our precise scans enable artists to refine designs and ensure perfect execution.


Consumer Products

Enable rapid prototyping and design adjustments in consumer goods. This accelerates product development and market readiness.



Preserve artifacts and artworks through precise digital records. This technology aids in restoration and conservation efforts.



We support the creation of custom prosthetics and detailed studies of organic shapes. These scans assist in tailored treatments and improved patient care.

Real Estate

Art and Cultural Heritage

Preserve artifacts and artworks through precise digital records. This technology aids in restoration and conservation efforts.


Need clarification?

What does scanning cost?

Small and medium-range scanning starts at $200. The final price will depend on the part's size and complexity.

Where is CADmore located?

CADmore is based in Columbia, SC, offering nationwide scanning services to accommodate projects in any location across the United States. All parts can be shipped to our Columbia office for scanning with various shipping options to accommodate any timeline.

What file formats do you provide?

We offer a variety of formats including STL, OBJ, and others to suit different post-processing needs. We also over reverse engineering after scanning is completed to provide a manufacturable solid file (STEP).

Can you handle large volumes of items for scanning?

Yes, our setup is optimized for handling both individual and large batches of items efficiently.


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