CADmore Scanning Services

CADmore provides comprehensive scanning services nationwide, specializing in short-range scanning and long-range scanning to deliver high-accuracy digital twins and detailed 3D models. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures precise visualizations and immersive tours for various industries, from construction to manufacturing.

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Pick the Solution That's Right for You

Long Range

$.20/SQ FT*

*Starting Price

Long-range scanning efficiently captures extensive areas and structures, providing accurate spatial data essential for construction, surveying, and large-scale preservation projects.

  • Checkmark Large-Scale Mapping
  • Checkmark Topographic and Georeferenced Data
  • Checkmark Support for BIM Models
  • Checkmark Long-Distance Accuracy
  • Checkmark Efficient Data Collection

Comprehensive Scanning Solutions for Every Need

Digital Twin

Digital Twins

Create exact digital replicas of spaces for analysis and virtual navigation.

Precision Metrology

Precision Metrology

High-accuracy measurements for detailed and reliable engineering data.

Immersive Tours

Immersive Tours

Engage with interactive 3D tours of scanned environments, enhancing user experience.

Data Integration

Data Integration

Seamless merging of scanned data with existing CAD models for streamlined workflows


Transformative Solutions: Example Cases

  • Campus Mapping

  • Insurance Documentation

  • Component Analysis

  • Quality Control

Transforming Universities into Digital Campuses

A prominent university sought to revolutionize its campus management and planning. CADmore conducted a comprehensive 3D scan of the entire campus, including buildings, open spaces, and infrastructure. The resulting digital twin allowed for efficient space utilization, enhanced security planning, and an interactive virtual tour for prospective students. This digital transformation has set a new standard in campus administration and student engagement.

Detailed Records for Comprehensive Coverage

In the insurance sector, precise documentation of assets is vital. CADmore assisted an insurance company in creating detailed 3D records of insured properties, providing a clear and accurate representation of assets for policy underwriting and claim processing. This approach improved the accuracy of risk assessments and streamlined claim settlements, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust in the insurer’s services.

Enhancing Precision in Manufacturing

A leading automotive manufacturer needed to ensure component precision to meet stringent industry standards. CADmore's metrology services provided detailed analysis and measurement of automotive parts, identifying micron-level discrepancies and enabling precise adjustments. This meticulous attention to detail improved product quality, reduced rework costs, and solidified the manufacturer's reputation for high-quality vehicles.

Setting New Standards in Precision

In the aerospace sector, where precision is paramount, a client turned to CADmore to enhance their quality control processes. Through advanced metrology scanning, we offered unparalleled accuracy in measuring complex components, facilitating the detection and rectification of potential issues before assembly. This preemptive approach ensured compliance with rigorous aerospace standards and contributed to safer, more reliable aircraft production.


Need clarification?

How much does short-range scanning cost?

Metrology scanning starts at $260. Prices may vary based on project complexity and specific requirements.

What is the cost for long-range scanning?

Building scanning is priced starting at $0.20 per square foot. Final cost depends on the size and details of the building.

Where is your company located?

Our headquarters is in Columbia, SC, but we offer scanning services nationwide, accommodating projects across the country.

Can I ship parts to you for scanning?

Yes, parts can be shipped to us for scanning. Please fill out our form to receive instructions on shipping to the appropriate facility.

What is the timeline for long-range scanning?

Building scanning can typically be scheduled within a week of project submission, ensuring timely and efficient service.

How long does short-range scanning take?

Metrology scanning is usually completed within 3-5 business days from the receipt of the parts, allowing for prompt and accurate results.


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